ORGANIC - organic farming

The creation of an organic farm

Organic farming was developed over 60 years ago by several dedicated people in order to offer an alternative to conventional farming methods. The purpose of an agricultural entity is to produce healthy, high-quality foods in harmony with the cycles of nature. Thus, organic farming became an attractive alternative for both farmers and consumers. In this field, there are constant developments, with each organic farm needing to be not only ecological but also economical. This is why it's very important that each individual farm is aware of both the legal and economic circumstances in which it operates.

The founding of organic associations

Beginning in 1959, the first organic associations were established in Austria. They were the predecessors of what would become BIO AUSTRIA. In 1980, around 200 brave pioneers were members of these associations. Among the first organic operations were mainly direct marketers selling a typical product selection from their own farm. Only in the early 90s did we see the first grants and funding for farmers running organic farms. More and more operations, even those not involved in direct marketing, switched to organic farming. These changes were made primarily by grassland farms with dairies and mother cows.

With the demand for organic farms growing, many arable farms also decided to convert to organic farming methods. Beginning in 1994, the large supermarket chains in Austria then got involved in the marketing of organic products.

Many organic brands were established and intensive marketing for these products commenced. With Austria joining the EU, the number of organic operations grew to almost 20,000.

The switch from conventional to organic farming at our own farm took place in 2009. You must go through a 6-month transition phase, during which animals are fed only with organic fodder (grain). During this phase, the farm is inspected and monitored by Bio-Austria. After these 6 months, we then received the certificate for "Organic Approaches to Farming". Afterwards, we were allowed to sell the milk we produced labelled as an organic seller.

The thought of switching had actually grown over several years. In fact, my husband and I began to change our own personal lifestyles to include organic nutrition years before. It was always our goal to run our farm as naturally as possible, including eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers early on. Our animals are also kept in species-appropriate conditions. They enjoy regular exercise (even in winter), and they are fed fragrant, healthy hay and grains from our organic farm. Our whole family is excited about the switch and truly lives according to organic principles!

ORGANIC stands for ethics and extends far beyond healthy food

"I want to eat what has just ripened" is our motto here at the Paulerhof, and this is something that we also try to impart to our guests. We harvest our own lettuce, potatoes, and kohlrabi and have a vast selection of herbs to choose from fresh from our garden. We also turn currants, plums, and raspberries into delicious jams. We take our apples and pears and either make them into schnapps in our own distillery or fresh, organic juices.

Eating to live...

Eating is becoming more and more of a science. It has less and less to do with the actual growing of the food or with the people who have contributed to a successful product.

Yet, our foods are more than just a mere sum of nutrients. The power of the elements and the work of many diligent hands are behind the foods we eat. Those who are searching for pure taste and the purest quality will certainly find what they're looking for at an organic farm. For organic farmers like us, farming in harmony with nature is the priority.

We organic farmers invest all of our creativity and energy in products that are real and genuine, that are a treat for our taste buds, and that are also good for our health. Therefore, we keep our farmland and pastures vibrant and the water clean while preserving a habitat for people, plants, and animals.

Positive feedback from our guests
"Toller Ferien-Bauernhof für Urlaub mit Kindern"

Carolin, Holidaycheck, August 2017