Holidays on the farm
Farm Holidays - what we're all about

The Farm Holidays brand stands for

  • Genuine & honest
  • Affordable & valuable
  • Diverse & unique
  • Natural & alive

Genuine & honest

  • For us, genuine means that the offers at the farms are authentic and unadulterated
  • For us, honest means that your farmers are hosts whose word is as good as gold

Affordable & valuable

  • For us, affordable and valuable mean that valuable opportunities and services for affordable prices make our offer accessible to as many people as possible

Diverse & Unique

  • The nurturing of regional customs, farming traditions, as well as the many different dialects and forms of cultural expression
  • A wide range of creative, unique offers at our farms

Natural & alive

  • For us, natural means environmentally conscious farming practices and responsible handling of natural resources
  • The production of high-quality, healthy, farm-fresh products
  • Awareness of nature's natural cycles
  • For us, alive means diverse vacation days in harmony with life cycles on the farm and friendly, approachable hosts, who think and act with the future in mind 
  • People and animals living side by side on the farm

The farm - celebrating life

What do we understand by this motto? I have exchanged a few thoughts on this topic with my daughter Eva, and I would like to share some of them with you here. More than 25 years ago, the idea of "Farm Holidays" was conceived here in Tyrol by several forward-thinking tourism pioneers.  The original thought was to make it possible for farmers to earn additional income by renting out their rooms. At that time, no one had any idea that this concept would be so successful, but the results of the past years speak for themselves: for many years, "Farm Holidays" has been the only tourism sector to show strong growth. In 2010, members of this cooperation achieved their greatest success since the organization was founded.

Life and work, tradition and customs: all of these things belong on our farms, and these are values that we the farmers strive to pass on to our guests. One thing is very clear: farming is not just about facts and figures, but it is also about a habitat that we want to preserve for ourselves and the next generation. It is the close ties that we have with our farms, which we want to show to our guests. Families with children in particular learn that here on the farm, the coexistence of man and animals is something very natural.

The genuine and sincere hospitality has been passed down over generations. Those who truly want to discover a love for the country and experience a real individual vacation will feel right at home in a vacation apartment or in one of the beautiful rooms with an organic breakfast at our farm. The concept of "Farm Holidays" is that quality is reflected in the value you get for your money. All member farms are regularly inspected and monitored and are then categorized as 2,3, or 4 flowers. This allows guests to see the standards that the farm is able to provide. There is also a number of other criteria that must be met in order to distinguish us from non-categorized or non-certified farms. The beautiful emblem of "Farm Holidays" guarantees that guests can look forward to and will receive something truly special!