Organic farm
Natural organic at the Paulerhof

We have always placed great importance on the use of natural materials with the interior decoration and facade of our farm. We also pay particular attention to waste sorting, and we try to pass this along to our guests. In our vacation apartments and in the wellness area, there are many different informative booklets and magazines on the topic of ORGANIC, and of course, our farm-fresh products are also very popular.

Bio Austria Biologische Wirtschaftsweise

Since November 2009, we have been a member of BIKO-Tirol, and we have been a member of BIO-AUSTRIA since April 2010.

BIO AUSTRIA's values: each organization must have defined values - regulate dealings with one another - be a community of shared values! The basis is ecology = the balance of nature. Organic farming is the key technology of the 21st century.

The entire interior decoration is designed with natural materials, and growing in our garden are many different herbs that guests are welcome to sample.  

In the farm's own schnapps distillery, we put our heart and soul into making good, authentic, unadulterated pear schnapps, which guests are encouraged to sample.

At the Paulerhof, our guests can enjoy an active and authentic "Farm Holiday".