Wellness on the farm
Relaxation & quiet

Especially in winter after an exhausting day skiing in the mountains, our small but exquisite wellness oasis offers quiet and relaxation, which guests are looking for during their vacation, and they will find just that at the Paulerhof! 

Opening times of our wellness area

Summer: three days a week from 4:30 to 8:30 pm

Winter: Sunday to Thursday from 4:30 to 8:30 pm.

In our own wellness area, we offer

  • Bio pine sauna (90° C) and bio steam sauna (60° C)
  • Infrared cabin (45° C) made of pine
  • Large spa shower (cold shower, rain shower, Kneipp hose)
  • Wonderful relaxation room with a great view of the Zillertal mountains
  • Small juice bar with fresh spring water, refreshing tea drinks
  • Soft sauna towels, comfy bathrobes
  • In summer, aromatic infusions in the afternoon upon request

Interesting info about the sauna

Healthy and beautiful

The sauna has been around for thousands of years. The term actually comes from the Finnish language and translated means "sweat bath", although the sauna probably originated in East Asia. It is here that the first forms of a stone sweat bath were created. In these times, water was poured over hot stones in caves thus creating steam.

During the migration from Asia to Europe, the Finns brought these original saunas to Europe around 2000 years ago. Saunas were always something holy to the Finns. They used the saunas to cleanse not only their bodies but also their souls. 

Wellness oasis and relaxation

Regular sauna visits protect you from colds and keep you fit and healthy. Alternating between heat and cold promotes good health. The warmth expands the blood vessels in the skin, the heart works more intensively, and muscle tension is eased. As you cool off, the blood vessels constrict again, stimulating activity within the body and strengthening the body's immune capabilities. This is why almost all forms of cold-related ailments are virtually unknown to those who use the sauna regularly. If you do ever happen to catch a cold, you will recover much faster.

Sauna sessions nourish the skin and keep it beautiful and fresh. The heat improves blood flow to the skin providing for better transportation of all nutrients and oxygen. In addition, the renewal of skin cells occurs much faster. This is a reason why skin aging is slowed down. Through sweating, metabolic waste products are eliminated from the body, which allows the skin to cleanse itself. After a sauna session, your skin will be especially beautiful and well toned.